DAYCOThe Day Companies, Inc. (movers)
DAYCODurham Association of Youth and Community Organisations (UK)
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2005) ("According to the PTO's notice of final rulemaking, the rule change applied to ali applications pending or filed aider March 16, 1992."); Dayco Prods., Inc.
ItCOs bad enough being like a hen on a hot griddle on your Cybig dayCO but to have the love of your life, your soulmate, your future partner tell you that you donCOt look like yourself, well I donCOt knowC* I think ICOd expect him to tell me I look ravishing.
The Atherothrombosis SOS (which stands for CyScreen.Observe.SurviveCO) program was launched on April 21, 2008 to coincide with the first CyUAE National Atherothrombosis DayCO. The campaign kicked off with a free check-up on blood glucose, blood pressure and waist circumference organized at the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai to increase awareness about the risk factors of atherothrombosis among the public.
Earlier, she had been a cost accountant at Dayco Parker-Hannifin.
Ken had previously worked for Dayco Corp., selling blankets," said Ms.
Its clients include Ferrari, Maserati, Brembo, Dayco and Bosch.
A Dayco belt drive operates the cutting mechanism, which consists of a 22.5 in.
In 2001, Parker purchased Dayco Products to expand its Industrial Hose Division, headquartered in Strongsville, OH.
Recently, Belyi has completed transactions with clients such as the Target Corporation, the United Cerebral Palsy of New York, Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, Storage Deluxe, Theatrical Stage Employees Union, Outreach Project and Dayco Farms.
Dayco Corp., (20) a manufacturer of rubber and plastic belts and hoses for vehicles sought coverage under an "all risks" policy for 12 separate transactions in 1979-81 in which a middleman arranged for bogus sales to Russian importers, resulting in commissions being paid for transactions that were never consummated.