DAYMDers Aletleri Yapim Merkezi (Turkish educational tools factory)
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While speaking on behalf of the youths the acting State Coordinator of DAYM, Nuberu Adesanya, said the Movement decided to organise a rally throughout the length and breadth of Ikenne Local Government as a sign of solidarity and support towards the success of the party in the elections.
Each of the new facilities will have capacity to process 100 MMcf of sales gas and 14,000 barrels of sales condensate per daym the fields is 224 MCF/day of gas and 8,000 b/d of liquid hydrocarbons.
Earlier in the daym Bruce admitted to an interest in the player who scored 20 goals in his first full season in professional football.
ADONNA'S career and her love life took a dramatic turn the dayM she made the video for the single Material Girl.
In April, YouTube user "( Daym Drops ," a.k.a.
His video was as entertaining as his meal was satisfying, but Big Daym had no idea his big, boisterous video review would get a remix from the brilliant artists known as the ( Gregory Brothers , the same hilariously musical YouTubers that gave us such great hits as "( Winning " and "( Bed Intruder ."
The Gregory Brothers' remix of Daym's Five Guys review, called "Oh My Dayum," has been on YouTube for one day, and yet it's already achieved viral status.
In future, racecourses' income will be linked to the betting turnover their races generate, and clerk of the course Geoff Stickels reckons there are more punters in betting shops late in the afternoon than earlier in the daym Results and analysis start page 62
When you're leading, the focus is on you and if you have a bad daym everybody sees it.
Significantly, Molomo enjoyed little luck in running that daym being switched inside the final furlong after running into trouble.
The Serb representatives met as they marked Vidovdan, or St Vitus Daym, the anniversary of the 1389 battle in which a Christian army led by Lazar, a Serbian prince, was defeated in Kosovo by invading Ottoman forces.