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DAZDeutsch Als Zweitsprache (German: German as a Second Language)
DAZDeutsches Architektur Zentrum (German: German Architecture Center)
DAZDeleted in Azoospermia
DAZDeutsche Apotheker Zeitung
DAZDigital Art Zone (3D models)
DAZDeutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (German: German-American Center; Germany)
DAZDenormals Are Zero
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The girls watch in horror as Daz appears fine while Lisa complains of feeling light headed before slumping over the table.
Vanessa makes a move on Daz Elsewhere, there's comedy when Priya finds herself in a rather sticky situation after a run-in with Leyla and Tracy.
Lisa is excited to throw Sam and Lydia an engagement party, DS Benton asks questions about Emma, and Amelia unwittingly puts her family in danger when she uploads a photo of Daz online.
But when he's alone, we see Daz take out and unwrap an old Army knife and hide it under his pillow - where Amelia, above, later discovers it by accident and cuts herself.
Later, when Daz is alone, we see him unwrap an old army knife.
Pals since their days at West Redcar School, Karl and Daz dreamed up their bar plan over a couple of pints.
Daz said Fergie managed to escape from a hole in his tank which was caused when he put his weight on a lighting wire.
The whole stag in a dress thing showed off a terrible farmer's tan for Daz.
At Dale Head, Daz tries to kiss the drunken bride-to-be, unaware a fuming Dan has seen.
Total DAZ trade during the period hit Dh5 billion, an increase of Dh2 billion from the trade DAZ achieved during the same period in 2013.
Alicia takes the break-in very badly and Daz is concerned how much she's been rattled by the incident - until Zak explains that she was shot and almost killed just last year by serial psychopath Cameron.
Daz reveals in a statement to TMZ that the issue is about "respecting an artist's work.