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DAZDeutsch Als Zweitsprache (German: German as a Second Language)
DAZDeleted in Azoospermia
DAZDeutsche Apotheker Zeitung
DAZDigital Art Zone (3D models)
DAZDeutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (German: German-American Center; Germany)
DAZDenormals Are Zero
DAZDeutsches Architektur Zentrum (German: German Architecture Center)
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By the end of the day any unsuspecting passer-by may have been somewhat bewildered by a series of cryptic chalk markings scrawled on the pavements at the end of streets - the calling card of the Daz Gang, to avoid duplication of effort.
Daz said Fergie managed to escape from a hole in his tank which was caused when he put his weight on a lighting wire.
And Daz is putting his own self-styled doorstep challenge skills to good use as the programme's roving reporter.
The whole stag in a dress thing showed off a terrible farmer's tan for Daz.
In his four plus years at DAZ, Kevin has been a major contributor as he generated sales and managed customer engagements successfully.
At Dale Head, Daz tries to kiss the drunken bride-to-be, unaware a fuming Dan has seen.
Total DAZ trade during the period hit Dh5 billion, an increase of Dh2 billion from the trade DAZ achieved during the same period in 2013.
Alicia takes the break-in very badly and Daz is concerned how much she's been rattled by the incident - until Zak explains that she was shot and almost killed just last year by serial psychopath Cameron.
Daz reveals in a statement to TMZ that the issue is about "respecting an artist's work.
and has created several games, shows graphic artists how to use DAZ Studio and other tools created by DAZ 3D to create characters in movies and TV, illustrations, video games, design, and fine art, and to develop avatars.
Daz, who had been working on the boat for just three days, shook himself free but Sean was caught in the creel's rope, dragged through the chute used to shoot the traps beneath the sea, and dragged 157ft beneath the surface.