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DAZLDeleted in Azoospermia-Like (gene)
DAZLDance Action Zone Leeds (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK)
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Hee ended, or I heard no more, for now My earthly by his Heav'nly overpowerd, Which it had long stood under, streind to the highth In that celestial Colloquie sublime, As with an object that excels the sense, Dazl'd and spent, sunk down, and sought repair Of sleep, which instantly fell on me, call'd By Nature as in aide, and clos'd mine eyes.
McDonald et al., "Identification of nine new susceptibility loci for testicular cancer, including variants near DAZL and PRDM14," Nature Genetics, vol.
In silico analysis of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in human DAZL gene associated with male infertility.
Several germ cell-specific antibodies were used as follows: i) the spermatogonia and spermatocyte-specific antibody, DAZL; ii) the spermatocyte in synapsis-specific antibody, SCP3; iii) the spermaid-specific antibody, TNP1.
La familia de genes DAZ esta compuesta por 3 miembros; BOULE, DAZL (Deleted in Azoospermia-Like) y DAZ (Yen, 2004).
550: Star Of Aaron, Springwell Dot, Coldwater Joe, Uncle Ollie, Tyrur Chris, Skywalker Dazl.
9.10: 1, HILLEND DAZL (4), 4-1; 2, Big Virginian (6), 9-4; Mineola Mary (5), 2-1 fav; 5.25, 26.57; PS14.66.
8.24 (435m): Mustang Noble, Gabbys Delilah, Hillend Dazl, Strategic Trio, Galboola Hatter (M), Big Virginian (W).
8.50 (435m): Hillend Dazl, Coolavanny Port, Toddy, Outdoor Katie, Rhododendron (M), Milltown Rocket (W).
Heat 5: 1 High St Jesse, 2 Ballinclare Zara, 3 Orlando Dazl, 4 Aguasantas, 5 Sidarian Pearl, 6 Adamant Gem.
SRY and DAZL mRNA have been detected in mature human spermatozoa.
8.24 1, STRATEGIC TRIO (4), 3-1 co fav; 2, Big Virginian (6), 3-1 co fav; Hillend Dazl (3) and Gabbys Delilah (2), both 3-1 co favs; sh hd, 27.19; PS13.62.