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It shakes the Heart by the mere Effect of its own Strength and Passionateness: unassisted by those flaming Ornaments, which as often dazle, as display.
Of Laurels, Palms, and Triumphs Sing, Of Crowns that dazle mortal Eyes, Crowns obtain'd by suffering, [15] Divine Caecilia be thy lofty Theme; ing Her Immortal Diadem; Sing aloud Her Heavenly Race, The Raptures of Her Soul, the Glories of Her Face, And what we Sing aloud [20] Let Eccho double from a beamy Cloud.
For the chaires of magistrates ought to be adorned, and to shine like the chariot which carries the sunne; and beames (if it were possible) must be thought to be shot from the one as from the other: as well to dazle and amaze the common eye, as to make it learne that there is some excellent, and extraordinary arme from heaven thrust downe to exalt a superior man, that thereby the gazer may be drawne to more obedience and admiration.(14)