DAdVDuck Adenovirus
DAdVDeutscher Antidiskriminierungsverband (German Anti-Discrimination Association)
DAdVDallas Association of Directors of Volunteers (Dallas, TX)
DAdVDarkness Against Domestic Violence
DAdVDe Allieredes Danske Vaabenfæller
DAdVDisjunctive Anti-link Dissolvent
DAdVDomain Analysis for Data Visualization
DAdVDroit d'Auteur et Droit Voisin (French: Copyright and Related Law)
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Factor Loadings Of The Exploratory Principal Components Analysis ECO-ADVANTAGE (EAD) CADV DADV EAD1.
Statistical significance for interaction effects in latent variable interaction models (1) (2) (3) Model Eco-Advantage Proactive Perceived (dependent Environmental Environmental variable) Strategy State Uncertainty (independent (moderator variable) variable) 1 DADV PPEP PU-EPMD 2 CADV PPEP PU-ENRS 3 DADV PPEP PU-ENRS 4 CADV PPEP PU-EPMD 5 DADV ENMP PU-EPMD 6 CADV ENMP PU-ENRS ** 7 DADV ENMP PU-ENRS 8 CADV ENMP PU-EPMD ** Model t-values * Statistical interaction effects: significance of (2) X (3) interaction effects (p-values) 1 1.