DBAFDiamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation (West Seneca, NY)
DBAFDragon Ball April Fools (gaming)
DBAFDoing Business After Failure
DBAFDarwin Business Aisle of Fame (WLB)
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The plants used in the DBAF were more selective (e.g., Golden Pothos [Epipremnum aureum]) for ease of maintenance and more root-zone microbial community.
It operated under 100% recirculation mode, and contains the DBAF and a composite wood-based office workstation system as a simulated VOC emission source (Figure 2 right).
To investigate the DBAF performance under realistic indoor pollutant concentration levels and realistic ventilation conditions, the DBAF system was integrated into the HVAC system of a newly constructed office room (Figure 3).
The DBAF system was operated continuously for 300+ days when the outdoor ventilation air was kept at 5% of total supply airflow rate to the space.
To better understand the DBAF system and optimize its performance, the microbes in the prototype system and their activities for formaldehyde removal were characterized.