DBAJDubai Bone and Joint (United Arab Emirates)
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Al Sulaiti said, "I am extremely thankful to every single member of the DBAJ team.
Our mandate is to constantly highlight newer research and management strategies in common musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, while providing information on key orthopedic practices through such platforms," said Dr Shah Alam Khan, consultant orthopedic surgeon at DBAJ.
The surgery was led by DBAJ-based expert Dr Zbiggy Brodzinsky, with the assistance of Dr Vicenc Gilete from the Barcelona Spine Center, said a DBAJ statement.
Suzanne Al Houby, Vice President, Dubai Bone & Joint Center said, "Through the Orthopedic Conference DBAJ intends to provide a platform to discuss the various medical developments and the changing healthcare environment in the Middle East.
Inviting participation from medical professionals across the globe, Dr Maarten Spruit, medical director and consultant orthopedic surgeon, DBAJ and chairman of the Orthopedic Conference, said: "The orthopedic field has witnessed some major developments over the years and with the growing incidence of musculoskeletal illnesses, it is very important for all medical practitioners related to orthopedics to offer the same high standards of treatment options.
Equipped with world-class specialists and state-of-the-art medical facilities, DBAJ gives patients suffering from bone and joint disorders, an opportunity to receive the most advanced musculoskeletal treatment and a chance to live a pain free life.
We welcome everyone to come and participate in this community awareness event," said Dr Jamal Al Saleh, Consultant Rheumatologist at DBAJ.
We aim to offer Musculoskeletal patients in the Middle East superior treatments and the latest evidence-based and innovative medicine as well as surgical procedures comparable to international healthcare standards,' stated Suzanne Al Houby, vice president, DBAJ.
DBAJ is approved by Dubai Healthcare City-DHCC as an institute that can provide Continuing Medical Education-CME.
The screening was organised by Anlene, DBAJ, and the UAE Ministry of Health.
Regular Bone Mass Density checks and an adequate supply of calcium, are preventative measures that should be on top of the list of priorities for every woman," said Dr Humeira Badsha, Specialist Rheumatologist, DBAJ.