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That's a lot going on in one device, but the DBAL line has been In service with our Special Operations for many years, and the DBAL-A4 represents further evolution of that line.
AN/PEQ-15 (tan), NSN 5855-01-577-7174, TM 9-5855-1914-13&P* AN/PEQ-15 (black), NSN 5855-01-534-5931, TM 9-5855-1914- 13&P* AN/PEQ-15A (green) dual-beam aiming laser-advanced (DBAL), NSN 5855-01-579-0062, TM 9-5855-1912-13&P* AN/PEQ-15A (black) DBAL, NSN 5855-01-535-6166, TM 9-5855-1912-13&P*
15) each of which contains the design of an "endless knot" (Sanskrit "srivatsa"; Tibetan dbal be'u) which is one of the eight auspicious emblems of Buddhism (Sanskrit: "Astamangala"; Tibetan bkra shis rtags brgyad).