DBARDon't Be a Robot
DBARDiamond Blackfan Anemia Registry (New Hyde Park, NY)
DBARDisaster Backup and Recovery
DBARDemand-Based Adjustable Return (finance/investing)
DBARDeflection-Based Alternate Routing
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He is afraid the decision will become a precedent for others charged with economic crimes," Dbar said.
Cuadro 1 Comparacion de modelos para el modelo explicativo de los campesinos que son favorables a erradicar el cultivo de hoja de coca Enlaces Modelos Bur in Thin Dbar DIC Simetricos Probito 4000 5 2451.5 2456.8 Logito 4000 5 2450.9 2455.8 Asimetricos Cloglog 4000 5 2451.6 2457.0 Scobit 4000 25 2462.1 2441.2 Power Logit 54000 100 2458.5 1794.1 Logito asimetrizado 4000 25 2458.1 1708.4 BBB probito 4000 35 2345.2 2252.5 asimetrizado Estandar probito 4000 15 1538.1 1751.7 asimetrizado Fuente: calculos con datos de PDA (2004) citados por Bardales (2004).
They lenses have 40-20 scratch-dig surfaces, [less than].25% absorption values, [less than].5% per surface reflection, and DBAR HeNe type transmission [greater than]85% at .633[micro].
3.5b, orange line) and ENSO redistributing heat (e.g., Roemmich and Gilson 2011) from the upper 100 dbar to a roughly 300-dbar thick layer just below.
where Dbar refers to the posterior mean of the deviance and pD is the effective number of parameters in the model.
RAWALPINDI -- District Bar Association Rawalpindi (DBAR) has set up task force to identify and expose fake legal practitioners engaged in practice at district courts.
78: lhug pa'i don mang ming mtshams dang // don 'bring 'byed dang don nyung rdzogs // tshigs bcad ga mthar chig shad bya // rdzogs tshig mtha' can lhug pa dang // tshigs bcad rkang mthar nyis shad 'thob // don tshan chen mo rdzogs pa dang // le'u mtshams su bzhi shad dgos // nga yig ma gtogs yig shad dbar // tsheg med de sogs zhib tu 'bad //.
The STS sensor samples at 1 Hz concurrently with the standard CTD, both near the float parking depth (980-960 dbar) and again in the upper ocean (20-3 dbar) just before the standard CTD sensor is turned off.
Katsumata and Yoshinari [9] developed a scheme to derive from this information a map of average subsurface currents at 1000 dbar depth over the period 2000-2010.
RAWALPINDI, January 14, 2012 (Frontier Star): Annual polls of District Bar Association Rawalpindi (DBAR) will take place on Saturday , January, 14.