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DBASEDistributed Bandwidth Allocation/Sharing/Extension
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For more than twenty years, dBASE has been used by more professionals in more countries than any other database program," said Larry D.
Use Inno Setup and ScriptMaker to create deployers for dBASE applications.
Then, he declared the dBASE language proprietary and threatened to sue anyone who dared to build a dBASE-compatible product or to even use the dBASE name in promotional literature.
Unlike competing titles, it allows users to view and edit memo fields in dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and DB2K files.
Borland acquired the dBASE product line from Ashton Tate back in 1991, but by the mid-1990s the popularity of xBase product lines began to rapidly wane.
Staff members enter each day's surgical specimens into the database using a simple program created with the application generator that comes with dBase IV.
My PC support person suggested placing the files containing constantly changing information (names of magazines and the clients requesting them) in dBase because of its flexibility.
Because we had an almost 100 percent text application, we had initial reservations about using dBase for this project.
Now speculation runs from predictions that Borland will do away with dBase to predictions that it will enhance it.
Most of the company's products were created by outside developers; long-term database strategy consisted of little more than a trendy notion of dbase as a front end to various SQL servers (a model that seems to have attracted more press attention than paying customers).
Agencies like dBase trust LookSmart to help them drive positive ROI for customers on the LookSmart network, easily manage several campaigns at once, and demonstrate solid value to their clients.
0 is acknowledged by most in the field as combining the most advanced dBASE programming language constructs with superior performance and close adherence to dBASE IV compatibility.