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On December 4, 2003, DBBD announced that it had entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Amove to implement a secured shipping service.
DBBD cautions that its anticipated results are preliminary based on the best information currently available and subject to customary year-end audit procedures.
DBBD expects these companies to continue to experience growth in their revenue for 2004.
Patrick Lim, Chairman and CEO of DBBD, stated: "We are pleased to have Testech as our partner.
Index Quest Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company established by DBBD and Amove Resources Sdn Bhd ("ARSB") to provide secured shipping services.
Through our association with DBBD, we are now able to provide value-added cargo tracking and secured shipping service to our clients.
On December 4, 2003, DBBD announced that the Company has been granted an option to acquire 51% equity in Amove.
Patrick Lim, Chairman and CEO of DBBD, commented "AMCT has given DBBD a toehold in Thailand, a major transshipment center for South China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
We chose to partner with DBBD because their management team has demonstrated their total commitment and integrity during our negotiations," commented BH Lee, Managing Director of Amove.
Jason Yew, Chief Executive Officer of AMC, a fifty one percent owned subsidiary of Animated Electronic Industries Sdn Bhd, stated "Through DBBD, we are now able to provide a total solution to our clients that includes GPS and RFID tracking systems.
Asiaco has provided us the opportunity to broaden and increase our revenue base," stated Patrick Lim, Chairman and CEO of DBBD.
Patrick Lim further commented, "The solution offered by DBBD is uniquely suited to identification applications that provide a high level of security, non-line-of-sight reading at long ranges and reliable performance in harsh environments.