DBBEDepartamento de Biodiversidad y Biologia Experimental (Spanish: Department of Experimental Biology and Biodiversity; University of Buenos Aires; Argentina)
DBBEDecabromobiphenyl Ether (chemistry)
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* Can the DBBE model be applied to the religious event and its dimensions to get the devotee's perspective?
Therefore, the Devotee-base brand equity (DBBE) will be employed in this study as CBBE.
So event awareness is a dimension of DBBE (Konecnik and Gartner 2007).
Image also gives an important contribution in making brand equity (Boo et al., 2009; Ruzzier, 2010; pike et al., 2010; Gartner, 2007) and dimensions of DBBE (Konecnik and Gartner, 2007; Boo et al., 2009; Ruzzier, 2010; Pike et ., 2010; Pike and Scott, 2009).
Event quality is a dimension of brand equity Keller, (2008) as well as DBBE (Konecnik and Gartner, 2007; Boo et al,.