DBBRData Bank and Biorepository (Roswell Park Cancer Institute; Buffalo, NY)
DBBRDartsbond Bollenstreek Rijnland (Dutch darts federation)
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It is important to realize that many communities across the Nation that were hit with devastating floods and hurricanes could benefit from the dBBR as a means of emergency wastewater treatment.
By using the dBBR, the base can recover well over 95 percent of the gray and black water generated and return it to the purple pipe system.
Due to the low energy requirement of the dBBR (2-3 watt-hours per gallon of water treated), the electricity produced by a reasonably sized photovoltaic assembly can be used to power the dBBR for water production--at least on clear days.
An innovative method of filtering dBBR effluent water combines Hesco[R] bastions and engineered piping, shown in Figure 5, page 28.
The dBBR has outstanding wastewater treatment capabilities that greatly exceed Army wastewater effluent standards.
The journey takes DBBR members to the destination of their " breakfast date", where a buffet spread awaits them, pre- arranged by John.
The group, which went for its first ride in November 2009 with 40 bikers -- all invited by John through SMS -- saw 181 participants last Saturday, when the DBBR went out for their October ride to Sultanpur.
With help from a team of Department of Defense scientists, Frontier Environmental Technology staff set up the dBBR system with a maximum influent rate of 3,000 gallons per day at the Fort Leonard Wood wastewater treatment plant.
The first parameter considered for the dBBR system was the ability to reduce the amount of solids.
On one windy evening, the influent float was disabled and the dBBR starved for 3 days.
The demonstration test indicated that the dBBR effectively removed nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from the wastewater.
The dBBR wastewater treatment system was set up and operated at Fort Leonard Wood for more than a month under the watchful eye of Department of Defense scientists from several commands and directorates.