DBC1Deleted in Bladder Cancer 1
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Estandarizacion de PCR especifica de metilacion para la deteccion de metilacion en los promotores de los genes CDKN2B y DBC1 en pacientes con leucemia linfoide aguda, leucemia mieloide aguda y leucemia mieloide cronica.
SIRT1 expression is associated with a poor prognosis, whereas DBC1 is associated with favorable outcomes in gastric cancer," Cancer Medicine, vol.
Frequent silencing of DBC1 is by genetic or epigenetic mechanisms in non-small cell lung cancers.
3% DC([double 34 34 0 0% dagger]) DBC1 10 10 0 0% DBC2 19 19 0 0% Total 92 91 1 1.
III] Variable (b) NA Genes Mode Hyper Hypo Reference Human cells UROtsa urothelial DBC1 Jensen et al.