DBCBDivision of Biological Chemistry and Biologicals (National Institute of Health Sciences; Japan)
DBCBDragon Boat Club of Boston (Waltham, MA)
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Then extract all subsequences of [TC.sub.k] to find his self-patterns; i.e., if his subsequence is "dbcb", then we retrieve all occurrences of "dbcb" in [TC.sub.k] and calculate its ratio.
El caso de Polifemo constituye una manifestacion tangible de la violencia paulatina resultante de la no prohibicion del DBCB (dibromocloropropano) sobre el suelo costarricense "aun cuando ya hacia tiempo de estar prohibido su uso en los EEUU" (Contreras Castro, Los Peor 128).
In addition, the refractive indices and thickness of BCB in this structure are 1.544 and dBCB, respectively.