DBCDEDepartment of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy (Australia)
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In December 2008, the DBCDE was the first to trial Web 2.
an online activist group, posted the DBCDE blog link on its website and encouraged participants to visit the link to comment on internet filtering.
Discussion about internet filtering gained momentum across multiple media platforms, and a popular story arose linking internet filtering to issues of censorship, highlighting the DBCDE blog and the absence of response to this issue as a case in point.
A manager of the DBCDE blog expressed frustration, saying, 'We wanted to say, we see and hear your feedback .
The DBCDE open blog set-up affected the way the DEEWR ran its trial.
The experience of the DBCDE open blog trial affected the set-up of the DEEWR trial, which adapted its processes and used a closed blog system that was accessible only by registration to capture comment and minimise off-topic comments.
While the DBCDE embraced the blog because it exemplified a culture of experimentation and innovation, the DEEWR cautiously applied the blog tool, adapting it to cause minimal disruption.
The lack of response by the DBCDE managers to off-topic comments became the biggest focus of this blog, rather than the content of the policy under review.
The limitations evident in the structure of the blog led to significant consequences for the DBCDE, which felt hindered by events that were out of its control.
DBCDE 2011, 'South Australia's First NBN Site Goes Live in Willunga', Joint media release, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, 16 September, www.
As many submissions to the CTS and the DBCDE's Multichannel (Content and Access) reviews contend, the challenge for the ACMA and the DBCDE is to find 'the right policy mix for the rapidly developing digital media environment'.
Nevertheless, the establishment of ABC3 is one interim policy intervention that appears to be doing double duty as a stop-gap measure for both DOHA (obesity prevention) and DBCDE (content and access).