DBCMDe Beers Consolidated Mines (est. 1888; various locations)
DBCMData Base Configuration Management
DBCMDépartement de Biologie Cellulaire et de Morphologie (French: Department of Cell Biology and Morphology; University of Lausanne; Switzerland)
DBCMDual Battery Charging Module (electronics)
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The transaction complies fully with the ownership requirements of the Mining Charter, with the empowerment company acquiring 26% equity stake in DBCM, exceeding the 2009 Mining Charter target and complying immediately with the 2014 Mining Charter target.
He also announced that DBCM intends providing "meaningful financial facilitation" to ensure the transaction is sustainable.
He told investors that DBCM aspired to be part of South Africa's new reality.
We found consistent blood--water correlations across season and site for BDCM and DBCM, and multivariate regression results suggest that water THM concentrations may be an adequate surrogate for baseline blood levels.
Several factors may influence baseline blood THM measurements: a) DBP concentrations based on formation dynamics in water distribution systems; b) exposures from sources other than water; c) ambient indoor air concentrations of each THM species (volatility decreases in the order: TCM > BDCM > DBCM > TBM); a) body burden and the relative timing of exposure; e) partitioning of each individual THM species between body fat and the blood, which is in turn affected by the lipophilicity of each THM (lipophilicity decreases in the order: TBM > DBCM > BDCM > TCM); f) personal characteristics and behavior (e.
We selected these locations to include a wide range of individual DBP species and summary measures such as the sum of TCM, BDCM, DBCM, and TBM (ITHM).
On 4 April De Beers announced agreement to implement the sale of 26% of DBCM to Ponahalo Holdings (Proprietary) Limited, creating a new partnership in DBCM which will add value to the company.
2 million carats) from six mines in the DBCM Group.
Because all of the measured breath concentrations for DBCM (LOD = 0.
As a result of the much lower DBCM and bromoform concentrations in the tap water in this study, neither chemical gave measurable breath concentrations for any of the water-use activities investigated (Nuckols et al.
Levels of DBCM and bromoform were often below the detection limit and too low for categorization and meaningful analysis in the three regions under study.
DBCM generates five-million carats annually, which is all sorted and valued in Kimberley, the rough diamond trading centre in South Africa where the firm holds ten diamond sales a year.