DBEDTDepartment of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (Honolulu, HI)
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Its a rare and unique opportunity to positively change the trajectory of Hawai?i, said Mike McCartney, director, DBEDT.
As Japanese travellers spend more money than any other visitors that travel to Hawaii, Japanese tourism to Hawaii is a critical issue (Agrusa, Lema, and Tanner, 2008; DBEDT, 2003; Latzko, 2005).
The CLH immersive, hands-on experience delivers a deeper understanding of the creative process through mentors who are decision makers in the entertainment business today, said Mike McCartney, Director of DBEDT.
The index, mean annual pounds per square nautical mile of shelf, was obtained by dividing reported landings by an estimated area for each coastal shelf, based on the difference between the area of land above sea level (DBEDT, 1990) and that of a circle enclosed by the 100-fm isobath.
International students in Hawaii are an important part of our economy, stated DBEDT Director Luis P.
There is no evidence of this yet; according to DBEDT figures last fall, airlines planned to have nearly 5 percent more available seats in the November to January period than a year earlier.
Strengthening industry access for Hawaiis creative entrepreneurs, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourisms (DBEDT) Creative Industries Division (CID) announces selected fellows of the Creative Lab Hawaii (CLH) Immersive Program who will participate in the worlds largest motion picture business event at the 2018 American Film Market (AFM).
The state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) launched the 2019 Hawaii State Trade Expansion Program (HiSTEP), a comprehensive program designed to assist Hawaii small businesses to increase their exports.
ROOM RATES Maui Oahu State '01 $182 $114 $145 '02 $181 $111 $141 '03 $184 $116 $144 '04 $192 $123 $151 '05 $208 $133 $162 OCCUPANCY RATES Maui Oahu State '01 73.8% 68.8% 69.8% '02 71.0% 70.3% 69.8% '03 74.8% 73.2% 72.7% '04 78.8% 79.7% 77.8% '05 81.8% 84.1% 81.3% SOURCE: DBEDT, SMITH TRAVEL RESEARCH< HOSPITALITY ADVISORS L.L.C.
"Small businesses most likely succeed or fail based on the individual people they do business with," says Phil Bossert, of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).
As part of the hawaii state trade expansion program, dbedt is soliciting proposals from individual hawaii small businesses to assist with export market development activities such as participation in trade shows and missions for the purpose of increasing exports of hawaii made products and services.