DBEMDual Boundary Element Method (engineering)
DBEMDouglas Bizzaro and Elizabeth Moss (photography; New York)
DBEMDistance-Based Eigenvector Maps
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The relative displacement of two surfaces of the crack at the collocation points [DELTA]u is obtained by the DBEM analysis.
Sepe, "FML full scale aeronautic panel under multiaxial fatigue: experimental test and DBEM Simulation," Engineering Fracture Mechanics, vol.
(33) Una disminucion de CIN implica un desplazamiento hacia debajo de la curva de DBEM = 0 y no afecta la curva de DPAT = 0.
Computational mechanics has progressed from the traditional FEM and DBEM approaches to combined/hybrid and multiscale analyses that may accurately model and predict crack paths and damage within controlled computational effort.
FML full scale aeronautic panel under multiaxial fatigue: Experimental test and DBEM Simulation, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 78(8): 1717-1728.
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