DBESDate-Based Export Scheme (UK)
DBESDepartment of Building & Engineering Services (various locations)
DBESDelta Branch Experiment Station (Mississippi State University; Stoneville, MS)
DBESDouble Branch Elementary School (Wesley Chapel, FL)
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15) examined primer/topcoat systems using DBES, the mean implantation depth of the positrons was insufficient to provide any information about the primer layer.
The results of DBES were also correlated with those from analysis of the primer by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Raman spectroscopy.
The solution is to keep the Over Thirty Month scheme in place until the DBES is removed.
It is also true that the earliest possible start to exports outside the DBES for UTM beef will make it easier to take advantage of export openings for OTM beef when its sale is approved," Mr Redpath said.
The message coming over from Brussels is that BSE science will work in favour of the UK application for moderate risk BSE status and the jettisoning of the DBES.
If this threat cannot be countered then the beef sector will be stuck with the DBES for much longer than it would like and forward progress through the difficult post-OTMS period will be stickier than it should be.
St Merryn's has achieved a considerable coup for Wales by becoming the first processor to re-start exports under the DBES,'' Mr German said.
However, it is certain that some older beef will only be sold easily when the DBES is dismantled and unrestricted bone-in exports can re-start - possibly by autumn next year.
The UK can expect to qualify for moderate incidence status under the proposed new definition early in 2004 and if it is approved it should mean we will be able to begin to sell both prime and older beef outside the restructive DBES around six months later.
The earliest possible export of older beef outside the DBES is essential for the dairy beef sector as it faces up to radical changes in the OTMS and the impact of CAP reform, the National Beef Association said yesterday.
However, the National Farmers' Union Cymru said the main impact of the announcement would be to boost morale as the beef still has to be processed under the DBES, which means there will still be no exports from England and Wales because of the location of the DBES facilities.
We are insistent that the dismantling of the OTMS must go hand-in-hand with the dismantling of the DBES.