DBESDate-Based Export Scheme (UK)
DBESDepartment of Building & Engineering Services (various locations)
DBESDelta Branch Experiment Station (Mississippi State University; Stoneville, MS)
DBESDouble Branch Elementary School (Wesley Chapel, FL)
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It is important that other government departments emulate what DBES has done and be compassionate in helping the less privileged members of the community,' he added.
15) examined primer/topcoat systems using DBES, the mean implantation depth of the positrons was insufficient to provide any information about the primer layer.
The solution is to keep the Over Thirty Month scheme in place until the DBES is removed.
QU vice president and chief academic officer Dr Mazen Hasna delivered welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony followed by DBES head Dr Fatma al-Naemi who opened the forum.
It is also true that the earliest possible start to exports outside the DBES for UTM beef will make it easier to take advantage of export openings for OTM beef when its sale is approved," Mr Redpath said.
Produced by Dun & Bradstreet, these files represent major additions to Questel's growing series of business, financial and news databases which include AECO (French financial news), BELGI (Belgian company information), DBCH, DBES, DBIT, EUROPA, DBFM (Dun & Bradstreet - Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Europe and France), Hoppenstedt Benelux and Germany, PROMT (Predicasts) and ITALI (Italian company information).
If the DBES is not ended, we could see the beef price fall as OTM beef floods the market.
But he called for action on the Date Based Export Scheme "Ending of the DBES will be important to provide market balance when the UK's over thirty month role is changed.
In April 2001, the Commission set the conditions for lifting the Portuguese ban subject to compliance with the DBES and other requirements, but on-the-spot inspections in Portugal had to be carried out before the ban could be lifted.
Produced by Predicasts, PROMT is a major addition to Questel's growing series of business, financial, and news databases which include AECO (French financial news), BELGI (Belgian company information), DBCH, DBES, EUROPA, DBFM (Dun & Bradstreet--Switzerland, Spain, Europe, and France), Hoppenstedt Benelux and Germany and ITALI (Italian company information).
Confidence in the product has been restored at home and an end to DBES would send a positive signal to the rest of the world.
The illegal French ban dates from August 1999 when the Commission re-authorised British beef exports under the DBES scheme.