DBFODesign Build Finance Operate
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A typical characteristic of a DBFO model is that it has to be a long-term project, so it usually ranges from 15-30 years.
Target: 30% interest in the M1-A1 Link Road (Lofthouse to Bramham) DBFO Road Project
DBFO is an output focused contract and it sets out a functional specification.
the fact that DBFO is a fairly new procurement system limits the amount of information and research that is available;
It could be noted that despite the fact that almost all variants of the non-conventional methods have been applied to construction contracts (except management contracting, DBFO and BLT), the percentages of the use of design and build are still significantly low, indicating that stakeholders are still not well familiar with the method or are yet to appreciate their advantages.
The length of DBFO contracts is on average 60 years (Broadbent and Laughlin 2005) in order to cover the expected life of the property.
Transport minister Lord Adonis hailed the DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) deal as a major step forward.
The Archaeology of the A1(M) Darrington to Dishforth DBFO Road Scheme (Lancaster Imprints 12).
The archaeology of the A1 (M) Darrington to Dishforth DBFO road scheme.
23) When consultants and public managers analyse the potential costs involved with a DBFO P3 with a fixed price, they create a financial model for a hypothetical and more traditional public procurement to which the P3 can be compared.
There is a great deal of variety in DBFO arrangements, especially in the degree to which financial responsibilities are actually transferred to the private sector.
The British Urban Regeneration Association (BURA) argues that there is a need for more and better guidance and technical support for LDVs (especially regeneration PPPs): "Much of the published guidance [for example, from Partnership UK, HM Treasury, 4Ps (Public Private Partnerships Programme)] targets private finance initiatives aimed at service delivery or capital projects through DBFO [design, build, finance and operate] type contracts.