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A higher reaction time would promote the dimerization reaction, which would consume a large amount of 1-butene and would influence the glycerol selectivity towards DBGEs. Considering both the glycerol conversion and BGE selectivity over Amberlyst-15, 72 h of reaction time was appropriate.
The lower acid capacity of the catalyst during the glycerol butylation after 72 h would increase the dimerization reaction of 1-butene that influences the glycerol selectivity towards MBGEs and DBGEs. The catalytic performance, glycerol conversion, product distribution, and side reaction (for glycerol butylation) depended on the acid capacity of reused Amberlyst-15.
Previous tert-butyl glycerol ether research work reported that 10% of ethers (MBGEs 1.6%, DBGEs 39.2%, and TBGE 58.3%) blended in diesel could decrease the cetane number by 2.5 points [8].