DBHADream Ball Hidden Ability (Pokémon)
DBHADesign by Heiko Attinger
DBHADelray Beach Housing Authority (Delray Beach, FL)
DBHADibromo-4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
DBHADaytona Beach Housing Authority (Florida, USA)
DBHADeerfield Beach Housing Authority (Deerfield Beach, FL)
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The grafting reaction with methyl methacrylate is generally completed in the early stage of reaction both with DBHA and DBHY.
As expected, the rate with DBHA is a little faster than with DBHY for all three monomers.
The rate of grafting with DBHY is relatively slow compared to that of DBHA.
2 % DBHA, the mean residence time was determined to be 187 seconds.
Addition of DBHA causes significant drops of the melt viscosity of polypropylene compared to the original polymer.
Among the three peroxides employed, the degree of maleic anhydride grafting decreases in the following order--DBHY, DBHA, and BPO, which is in agreement with the order of their half-lifetimes.
6, the grafting rate with DBHA is the fastest and that with BPO should be slowest.
Thus, we can presume the reaction rate with DBHA is approximately twice as fast as that with DBHY.
Hence, it should be used up earlier than dialkyl type peroxide such as DBHA and DBHY.
1/2]] for styrene grafting plus homoplymerization reaction with DBHA is 0.