DBIDDowntown Business Improvement District (Washington, DC)
DBIDDale Berkebile Illustration Design (marketing and design firm; Fort Worth, TX)
DBIDDeep Bay Improvement District (Canada)
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Active duty personnel, family members, DoD contractors and retirees are registered in DBIDS using their Common Access Card (CAC) or any DoD-issued identification credential.
In addition to enhancing force protection in Korea, DBIDS has assisted in the investigation of several crimes.
At another Korean installation, DBIDS identified an individual who had stolen a vehicle and a CAC inside the vehicle.
Although DBIDS has proved successful in Korea and at other military installations, Patrick J.
The majority of DBIDS sites, including CFAY, use fingerprint scans when the FPCON or installation policy dictates that additional checks are required.
At CFAY, DBIDS equipment was deployed in 2004 with the opening of a registration center.
DBIDS expansion is an ongoing process throughout many areas of the DoD.
New DBIDS deployments are underway at Yokota Air Base in Japan and other areas in Southwest Asia, according to McGee.
DBIDS provides authentication support to the DoD Physical Access mission and the Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations Tracking System provides identification and tracking capabilities for non-combatants who must be repatriated to the United States.
R&R Trucking, an NDTA Chairman's Circle Member, is working on a DBIDS pilot program for truckers hauling military cargo on/off military bases.