DBIODanske Bioanalytikere
DBIODeutsche Biomedical (publication)
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Opposite effects appear in the sector of chemicals/materials because the coefficient of PROD is significantly positive and in the sectors of machinery and biomedical because the coefficients of PROD* DMACH and PROD* DBIO are insignificant (i.e., their effects are not significantly different from that in the base sector, i.e., chemicals/materials sector).
The sum of the coefficients of SIZE and SIZE* DBIO is about 0.02, suggesting that when holding constant all other control variables, a 1% increase in the number of large participating firms in ITRI's S & T projects in the biomedical sector will lead to an increase of about 0.02% in the number of patents.
Similar definitions are applied to DMACH, DCHEM, and DBIO.