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DBLPDigital Bibliography & Library Project
DBLPDigital Bibliography and Library Project
DBLPDataBase systems and Logic Programming (now Digital Bibliography & Library Project)
DBLPDocBook-Based Literate Programming
DBLPDibasic Lead Phosphite
DBLPDibasic Lead Phthalate
DBLPDisk Boot Loader on PROM
DBLPDutch Bobbin Lace Pattern
DBLPDenver Broncos License Plate
DBLPDedicated Backup Lightpath
DBLPDimitrovgrad Bearing Liners Plant (Bulgaria)
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The graph-size is fixed to 500 vertices for DBLP dataset.
Performance of the two indexing strategies was tested using the DBLP data set stored in a MongoDB database.
DBLP (Digital Bibliography & Library Project) is a computer science bibliography database hosted at University of Trier, in Germany.
Social network Nodes Edges D R Physics 1 [28] 4,158 13,428 17 9 Physics 2 [28] 11,204 117,649 13 7 Physics 3 [28] 8,638 24,827 18 10 Wiki-vote [29] 7,066 100,736 7 4 Enron [28] 10,000 108,373 4 2 DBLP [30] 10,000 20,684 8 4 Facebook [31] 10,000 81,460 4 2 Youtube [32] 10,000 58,362 4 2
This might be due to the fact that the first three ITS events indexed on DBLP were held between 1992 and 1998, a time span in which annual conferences would have had seven events.
The new offering, called Guardium DBLP, is the only solution that automatically locates and classifies sensitive information in corporate databases, and prevents unauthorized or suspicious use based on proactive, real-time policies and continuous comparisons to normal activity.
The document tree in the DBLP dataset has good similarity in structure and is shallow.
The volume will be published by Springer-Verlag: ISI Proceedings, INSPEC, and DBLP indexed the conference proceedings.
For example, a database for bibliographic data of computer science (DBLP) contains a large XML document available at DBLP's website is conformed to DBLP.
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