DBMEData Base Management Environment
DBMEData Base Management Element
DBMEDépannage Brûleur Mazout Entretien (French: Troubleshooting Oil Burner Service)
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Kristjan Pilt is now a Senior Research Scientist at the DBME.
Ivo Fridolin is now Professor of Medical Physics, Director of DBME.
The biofluid optics research in the DBME is based on a novel concept of the multicomponent dialysis monitoring, using optical techniques.
Jana Holmar is now a Senior Research Scientist at the DBME.
The DBME has achieved a solid level of scientific knowledge and practical experience in smart technologies combining the principles of physical and mathematical models with the advanced processing of biomedical signals from brain, heart, vessels, and biofluids.
The natural next step for the DBME is extending the research topic, involving interactions between the brain, cardiovascular system, and kidney.
The DBME celebrates its 20th anniversary in this year.
The DBME was based on the Chair of Radio and Laser Engineering of the Department of Radio Engineering.
The DBME has been involved in an Estonian Centre of Excellence in Research, the Centre for Nonlinear Studies (CENS), during 2002-2007 and is currently involved in the Centre for Integrated Electronic System and Biomedical Engineering during 2008-2015.