DBMIData Base Module for Informix
DBMIDepartment of BioMedical Informatics
DBMIDaystar Baptist Missions, Inc. (Barboursville, WV)
DBMIDouble-Basis Multiplicative Inverse
DBMIData Base Marketing, Inc
DBMIDiploma in Business for Music Industry (degree; Malaysia)
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For this investigation, a DBMI systems programmer processed each citation's title, abstract, and indexing terms as if the components were part of a MARS clinical report, in effect, repurposing GIANT for our task.
The information in Nan dbmi is not new to the initiate who has chosen to walk on the road of Ginen.
This author presents an original macroseismic intensity attenuation model derived from the most recent Italian DBMI04 macroseismic database (Gruppo di Lavoro DBMI, 2005) that includes different relationships, which are developed in section 2.
The Italian macroseismic database DBMI04 (Gruppo di Lavoro DBMI, 2005) has been considered in the present study.
Data from DBMI04 (Gruppo di Lavoro DBMI, 2005) not used to fit the attenuation intensity model for the volcanic areas.
Of the noted ELINT systems, the Weasel 2000 is a shelter-mounted system which has a dynamic range of more than 60 dB, a direction-finding accuracy of 1 |degree~ RMS in the 3- to 40-GHz band and a sensitivity value (in search mode) of between -60 and -55 dBmi. It can be configured for both fixed-site and mobile applications.
The general system sensitivity required for the detection of current and projected LPI radars is on the order of -100 dBmi. This cannot be met by current EW receivers.(1) D.
The system can operate in pulse densities of up to 500,000 per second and has sensitivity and dynamic range values of -60 dBmi and 60 dB, respectively.
The system offers a bearing accuracy of 2|degrees~ rms and has sensitivity and dynamic range values of -60 dBmi and "better than" 60 dB, respectively.