DBMPDemi Brigade de Marche Parachutiste (French: Half Walking Paratrooper Brigade)
DBMPDouble Blind Mad Project (literary project)
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In 38 of the 75 initially uncooperative cases, explanation of the PPA policy resulted in cessation of DBMP, such that the parent was able to remain in the surgery (see Figure 1, left bar).
In 6 of these cases, the reminder was sufficient for the child to cease the DBMP. The other 2 children continued to display DBMP and their parents were asked to exit the surgery; in both cases, the child's behaviour improved.
[2005] reported that a parent was always asked to step out of the surgery, while in the current study the PPA 'policy' was empathically presented as soon as a child displayed DBMP. Thus, 11/45 of the 'definitely negative' patients established communication just by hearing about the PPA policy, and their parents did not have to leave the surgery.
The proportion of children with DBMP seen in our sample is similar to those reported by others [Evans et al., 1991; Shaw et al., 1994; Baier et al., 2004].