DBN1, 5-Diazabicyclo(4.3.0)Non-5-Ene (chemical compound)
DBNDoing Business - Not
DBNDialog Broadband Networks (Dialog Telekom PLC; Sri Lanka)
DBNDe Bonis Non (Legal: appointment of a personal representative to a vacancy)
DBNDivisible by None (band)
DBNDeep Belief Network (machine learning)
DBNDynamic Bayes Network
DBNData Bus Network
DBNDial-Back Number
DBNDay Beacon
DBNDomain-Border Node
DBNDigital Billboard Network (Australia)
DBNDrunk Before Noon
DBNDistrict Borough Number (New York City Department of Education school identifier)
DBNDatabase Notification
DBNDirected Bipartite Network
DBNDécolletage de Basse Normandie (French: Turning of Lower Normandy)
DBNDon Boule de Neige (French: Don Snowball)
DBNDevelopment Business Network (various locations)
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AfDB said that DBN has maintained a solid financial track record, consistently posted healthy profits and achieved good asset quality over the years.
uri=CELEX:32002L0058:EN:HTML) and analyse the possibility for extending the general obligation of DBN to other sectors, e.
In the awarded contract, PII is supplying PipeView Integrity, its advanced suite of pipeline data monitoring and management software for deployment on the DBN pipeline through Contract Resources, its Australian operational partner on the project.
Physical music distributors New Note, DBN, Dekanil, and DLN will use IODA's innovative D3 (Digital Distribution Dashboard) platform to offer their client labels virtual shelf space at more than 350 digital retailers, mobile outlets and subscription services that make up IODA's global distribution network.
However, he noted that Botswana had made strides in manufacturing, and that DBN hoped to draw on CEDA's experience of finance in this field.
Meatco said that N$150 million of the DBN finance will be used to fund procurement from local farmers and N$50 million will be used to develop satellite feedlots at Gobabis and Otavi which will also decentralise Meatco's procurement operation.
DBN relies on the electronic integration among vendor, customer, trucker and internal documentation that can be electronically disseminated.
The development of microlending as a subsector of the Namibian financial sector is to be expected as a natural step in the evolution of local finance and the DBN wants to play its pivotal role in that regard.
The DBN Communication Manager Jerome Mutumba said, "In response to the growing needs of the majority of the citizens with no access to finance, the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) deemed it appropriate to come up with an apex micro-finance product to bridge that financing gap in the economy.
Tenders are invited for Repairing crate bar at nose ofX-spur 800% of spur RD 74850 of FPE above DBN damaged during flood 2014 on US of River Ravi,
On the quality of DBN, the minister noted that DBN was 12th among the top 20 DFIs in Africa as rated in the third Peer Review of African DFIs by the Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AAFDI).
In a cloud environment, data travels across multiple jurisdictions adding more uncertainty for SMBs who may not have the resources to understand their DBN compliance obligations.