DBNSDatabase Notification System (software)
DBNSDouble-Base Number System (mathematics)
DBNSDownlink Beamforming with Null Steering
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Para o teste SSW, realizado em uma intensidade de 50 dBNS acima do SRT (levando em conta o conforto auditivo), o paciente ouvia em uma orelha (atraves do fone) uma palavra sem competicao, depois duas palavras simultaneamente e, por fim, outra palavra na orelha contraria sem competicao, e deveria repetir as quatro palavras dissilabas que ouvisse na ordem em que elas eram apresentadas.
"All issues related to the updating of the DBN, we worked not only with the basic expert organizations, but first of all with European partners, anti-corruption organizations, architectural associations and the public.
The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine upgrades state building codes, in particular, proposes to amend the DBN V.2.3-15: 2007 "Parking and garages for cars" on the possibility of designing at the entrance to the central regions of large cities intercepting parking lots.
"We are currently working along three main directions: the review of State Building Codes (DBN), transparency and publicity of urban development policies, and improvement of the system of state architectural control," said Hennadii Zubko.
O Teste de Fala no Ruido consiste na aplicacao de uma lista de palavras em cada orelha separadamente, e um ruido branco e acrescentado, de forma ipsilateral, em proporcao sinal/ruido de 10 dBNS. O Teste Dicotico de Dissilabos Alternados (SSW) envolve uma lista de palavras faladas de forma livre e de forma competitiva--direita livre ou nao competitiva (DNC) a direita competitiva (DC) a esquerda competitiva (EC) a esquerda livre ou nao competitiva (ENC) (habilidades auditivas de ordenacao temporal complexa e figura-fundo para sons verbais).
TDH: fone supra-aural TDH-39; ER-3A: fone de insercao ER-3A; Hz: hertz; Khz:quilohertz; N: numero de individuos; IC: indice de confianca para media; VA: via aerea; -x-: nao foi possivel usar a estatistica; dBNA: nivel de audicao; dBNS: nivel de sensacao.
Foram apresentados estimulos sonoros de forma binaural a 50 dBNS (Decibel Nivel de Sensacao) acima da media dos limiares tonais nas frequencias de 500, 1000 e 2000 Hz de cada participante.
Therefore, we are now exploring the possibility of making changes to other DBNs in order to increase the capacity of women's dressing rooms in all public institutions and spaces, added Lev Partskhaladze.
The two DBNs separately designed for active and reactive power could lower the error detection rate, improve the training efficiency, as well as provide optimized pre-processing data (initial values) for K-means clustering;
In [25], the authors first applied the LBP-KNN scheme to the JAFFE database which led to a recognition rate of 83.66%, then later proposed an abstract extraction of facial features from LBP features through a Deep Belief Networks (DBNs) followed by the classification with the Softmax classifier.
Although DCNNs have not been used for IDS, other DNN structures like Autoencoders (AE), Deep belief Networks (DBNs) and LSTM have been.
The stimulus was emitted by headphones, simultaneously to both ears, in the intensity of 40 dBNS. Along the list of 29 noise tracks, there were six intervals of duration of 2 ms, six of 3 ms, six of 4 ms, and so on.