DBOMDesign, Build, Operate, and Maintain
DBOMDisciple Bible Outreach Ministries
DBOMDisassembly Bill of Materials (production)
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April saw the signing of a DBOM contract with Cherwell District
Increased private sector participation: The Project will result in increased private sector participation by replacing the resource-intense and inefficient current ticketing system with an AFC system, which the private sector partner will operate and maintain under a DBOM contract.
33 billion DBOM (design-build-operate-maintain) core systems contract that was awarded to the Ansaldo Honolulu Joint Venture in December 2011, AnsaldoBreda and Ansaldo STS will deliver 20 four-car trainsets.
The non-profit organization leading the DBOM (design-build-operate-maintain) for a 3.
Bouygues said unlike a public-private partnership (PPP), the project%s use of a DBOM model is based on public funding and so ICF Habitat La Sabliere is responsible for financing the operation.
The project has been designed in the innovative form of a DBOM, a type of contract based on public funding, unlike a public-private partnership (PPP).
A joint administrative committee representing SMP, unions, and the DBOM contractor team will be formed to monitor compliance with the Green Line PLA throughout the project.