DBOSDominica Bureau of Standards (Roseau, Dominican Republic)
DBOSDelaware Bay Observing System (Delaware)
DBOSDescanso Beach Ocean Sports (California)
DBOSDisk-Based Operating System
DBOSDemolition/Burn Operations Supervisor
DBOSData Background Operation Sequence
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The Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006 included the first alcohol-specific control in the form of a "Drinking Banning Order" (DBO), a "civil [court] order which is used to address an individual's alcohol misuse behavior" by such means as prohibiting entry to places selling alcohol, prohibiting purchase of alcohol, and prohibiting consuming alcohol in public places (Crown Prosecution Service, 2010).
In the past year 80 people have been banned from city centre pubs, clubs and restaurants, thanks to a piece of Labour legislation called a Drink Banning Order (DBO).
Mayor of Rhyl Margaret McCarrol also sees the introduction of DBOs as a step in the right direction.
Anyone caught breaching a drinking banning order (DBO) can be fined up to pounds 2,500.
The DBOs can last for up to two years, although offenders can have them shortened by the successful completion of a "positive behaviour intervention course".
The DBO also makes her complete an approved alcohol-misuse course to help her curb her problem.
Police applied for the drinking banning order (DBO) after Hall was involved in numerous alcoholrelated public order offences in and around the Bromsgrove area.
Dave Hogg, Balance crime and disorder programme manager, said the DBOs were meant to be "a short sharp shock." He said: "They could be positive as part of a wider package.
Answer--Although the Dependahl case (15) stated that DBOs did not qualify for various exemptions from ERISA, at first impression it appeared that the court improperly interpreted both the facts and ERISA in its desire to assist employees who seemed to have been terminated for malicious and unjustifiable reasons.
As a case in point, prior to the current Transformation Installation Management efforts, the Commanding General, Eighth United States Army, chartered a group of Army resource managers to ascertain the feasibility of establishing a Director for Base Operations and Support (DBOS) on the staff of this major command (MACOM).
The 24 GHz microwave source is a highly stabilized fundamental-frequency DBO. Conventional DBOs use the fundamental mode T[E.sub.01[Delta]] of the dielectric resonator.[10] However, the use of a higher order mode of the dielectric resonator has led to a new type of DRO[11] high spectral purity (phase noise level equal to -95 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz) and good temperature stability (+10 ppm/K).