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DBPDewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Malay: Institute of Language and Literature)
DBPDiastolic Blood Pressure
DBPDevelopment Bank of the Philippines
DBPDisinfection Byproduct
DBPDNA Binding Protein
DBPVitamin D - Binding Protein
DBPDeutsche Bundespost (German federal mail)
DBPDien Bien Phu (Vietnamese city)
DBPDatabase Project (Visual Studio File Extension)
DBPDefined Benefit Plan
DBPDiversity Best Practices
DBPD-Bifunctional Protein (deficiency)
DBPDisinfectant Byproduct
DBPDark Basic Professional
DBPDeep Blue Pearl (color)
DBPDibutyl Phosphate
DBPDraft Business Plan
DBPDatabase Processor
DBPDistance Based Priority
DbpDecorin-Binding Protein A
DBPDon Bosco Preparatory (Ramsey, NJ high school)
DBPDeutsches Bundespatent (Federal German Patent)
DBPDeath By Powerpoint (slang for a boring presentation)
DBPDual Beam Photoconductivity
DBPDouble Bass Pedal (drum equipment)
DBPDesign Baseline Program
DBPDragonbotpro (gaming)
DBPDeuromedia Broadcast Platform
DBPDirect Buy Program
DBPDNA-Blocking Protein
DBPDistribution Boulangerie Pâtisserie (French bakery distribution company)
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We assure DBP and its customers that Kaisa will do its utmost to make the project a success.
In one set of experiments, pregnant rats received DBP at 0, 4, 20, 100, or 500 mg/kg daily, beginning on embryonic day 13.
Non-parametric analysis of differences between the arm and the ankle BPs by category showed that 40% of SBP, 5% of DBP and 16% of MAP measurements differed by > 10 mmHg (Fig.
Children, too, may be particularly susceptible to phthalates like DBP that pose developmental risks, and some pediatricians now warn against letting young girls, especially those young enough to chew on their fingers, wear polish.
With use of more than 18 million BP readings, the study evaluated the association of SBP and DBP values separately and SBP/DBP combinations on all-cause mortality in almost 652,000 U.
Mike Doyle, Manager of the Gas & Water/Wastewater Department, is looking forward to these water quality improvements, stating, “From the time we saw the results of the first bench scale tests and the impact that MIEX[R] Treatment had on DBP formation and our coagulation process, we knew we had identified the right process for ensuring compliance with current and future DBP regulations.
Brachial SBP and DBP were determined on the right arm by manual auscultation and aneroid sphygmomanometry every 2 minutes during rest (minutes 1, 3, and 5) and exercise, just prior to peak exercise, and during recovery, i.
Multiple regression analysis revealed a significant association of DBP with QTIIc and Tpe in the hypertensive group.
The aim of this study was to test the accuracy of the currently available 25(OH)D assays by comparing 6 available routine vitamin D assays with an isotope dilution/online solid-phase extraction liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (ID-XLC-MS/ MS) method, using plasma not only from healthy individuals, but also from patients with a broad range of DBP concentrations, to assess the sensitivity of the various assays to differences in circulating DBP concentrations.
The DBP will offer loans to local government units, public utilities, other state firms, and private enterprises that are looking to undertake infrastructure projects.
David, former DBP president & CEO, during a recognition and farewell program tendered for his honor held recently at the DBP headquarters in Makati City.
In this article, we have developed a novel transparent ion-conductive plasticizer (ICP) composed of DBP and butyl 2-poly(ethylene glycol) phthalate (BPEGP)/lithium bisoxalato borate (LiBOB) with neither traditional antistatic agents nor conductive fillers.