DBPADEAD-Box Protein A
DBPADecorin-Binding Protein A
DBPADecentralized Blanket Purchase Agreement
DBPADiffusion Bayonne Peinture Auto (French automobile painting company)
DBPADual-Band Power Amplifier
DBPADual-Band Printed Antenna
DBPADiamondhead Business and Professional Association (Mississippi)
DBPADirectorate of Biodiversity and Protected Areas (World Bank; Ecuador)
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Again, these increases are more pronounced and correlated more with increasing DBPA absorption values rather than with increasing nitrogen surface areas.
RESULTS: In monkeys, the maximum unconjugated serum dBPA concentration of 4 ng/mL was reached 1 hr after feeding and declined to low levels by 24 hr, with no significant bioaccumulation after seven daily doses.
Because of high sequence variability, dbpA sequences were amplified by using 2 alternative forward primers.
Unconjugated dBPA concentrations in monkeys averaged 0.5 ng/mL over 24 hours and peaked at 3.94 ng/mL 1 hour after treatment.
The equipment used for physico-chemical and compound property characterization of carbon black and rubber vulcanizates included: OAN or DBPA (Brabender DBP machine Model E, with DADS software from Hitech), nitrogen surface area (Quantachrome), aggregate size (Bi-DCP, Brookhaven Instruments), tint (Erichsen tint tester), Mooney viscometer (MV 2000--Alpha Technologies), moving die rheometer (MDR 2000--Alpha Technologies), hardness (IRHD, Wallace), tensile tester (Zwick Z010), dispersion (Dispergrader 1000 GT, Optigrade AB), abrasion (Zwick Abrader 6102), rebound resilience (Zwick 5109), tan 8 and heat build-up at different temperatures (Goodrich Flexometer, Model II).
Table 2--physico-chemical properties Physicochemical UOM ASTM ADIT ADIT properties metho 57 93 Iodine adsorption mg/kg d (N375) (N339) CTAB [m.sup.2]/g D 1510 87.1 88.4 [N.sub.2]SA [m.sup.2]/g D 3765 80.9 87.1 [N.sub.2]SA--iodine D 6556 93.1 88.0 Tint strength % ITRB3 6.0 -0.4 Average aggregate size nm D 3265 115.3 104.4 DBPA cc/100 g 72.0 82.0 CDBPA cc/100 g D 2414 113.1 120.3 DBP--CDBP cc/100 g D 3493 94.3 97.8 Ash % 18.8 22.5 Toluene discol.
The dibutyl phthalate absorption (DBPA) test is commonly used to characterize the structure of a filler (ref.
Studies have shown that the strength of carbon black pellets of comparable size rises with increasing carbon black surface area (iodine number) and with decreasing aggregate structure (DBPA) (ref.
Table 4 - Carbon morphology parameter of different carbon blacks Carbon black sample I J K L M CTAB ([m.sup.2] /g) 55 55 45 36 25 DBPA (cc/100 9 carbon black) 105 135 120 120 135
The DBPA, DBPPA and DBPPS are slightly less polar when compared to DBEA, DBEEA and DBEES, respectively.
The constant strain energy absorption (G' tan [delta]) accordingly is proportional to DBPA x iodine number (figure 34); and the constant stress energy absorption (tan [delta]/G') is proportional to iodine number/DBPA (figure 35).