DBPSKDifferential Binary Phase Shift Keying
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PRIME modems are locked by the vendor to use DBPSK technique for OFDM sub-carrier modulation with the FEC on, providing bit rate 21.4 kbps.
Performance analysis is founded on the limited communication measurements, in which PLC modems utilize OFDM with DBPSK subcarrier modulation with FEC on and bit rate 21.4 kbps.
It is worth noting that since the maximum allowed G3-PLC PHY frame size is 251 bytes (corresponding to a payload of 235 data bytes both in DQPSK and DBPSK normal mode), the router encapsulates each G3-PLC frame into one Ethernet frame, whose maximum payload dimension is 1500 bytes.
In particular, for the single floor house, the FER can be assumed to be exponentially distributed with mean equal to 0.0024 and 0.001, respectively, for normal DQPSK and robust DBPSK mode.
The DBPSK can be demodulated by a coherent demodulation or a differential demodulation.
The DPBSK simulation design is similar to the OOK design and the DBPSK modulation schema is shown on Figure 23.
Because the DBPSK signal has a constant value of the magnitude, the filter block has no impact on it.
Then, the DBPSK signal constellation is shown on Figure 28.
The impact of the FWM effect on the DBPSK signal in the SSMF fibers is shown on Figure 29 and in the NZDSF fibers is shown on figure 30.
The DQPSK is the four level version of the DBPSK modulation.
As in a case of the DBPSK, the filter block has no effect on the DQPSK signal.