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DBQDocument Based Question
DBQDatabase Query
DBQDave Brubeck Quartet (band)
DBQDubuque, IA, USA - Dubuque Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
DBQDove Brothers Quartet
DBQDatabase for Quality (software)
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Functional impairment was recorded in the DBQ back questionnaire completed during the C&P examination.
Croda's new data demonstrates an improvement in softness, via instrumental testing conducted on gray hair treated with a conditioner containing either Crodazosoft DBQ or an industry benchmark.
In the 1970s, DBQs first appeared in Advanced Placement Exams in history (Rothschild, 2000).
In one of the few studies that actually examined how students approached the DBQ, Katherine McCarthy Young and Gaea Leinhardt (1998) found that students often raided documents for appropriate quotes and facts but failed to analyze them as historical evidence.
It seems that it is only because the New York State tests have the DBQ section that the researchers for these studies find evidence that high-stakes tests do not affect social studies instruction: In seeking out individual cases of "exemplary," "wise," or "powerful" social studies teaching, such research may have focused on anomalous instruction in the face of high-stakes tests.
The History Content Exam and the DBQ were given at the end of the semester as two sections of the final exam.
Lawton, Parker, Stradling & Manstead (1997) used the DBQ to measure aberrant driving, and also administered West et al.
Studies demonstrate that Crodazosoft DBQ outperforms benchmark conditioning agents showing superior improvements in hair softness.
Through exploration and selection of rich informational texts, teachers can customize a DBQ that coheres precisely with the intent of their unit.
Alternately: the teacher can create his/her own DBQ from these documents and have students answer it as an in-class essay.
When completed properly, a DBQ will provide the precise medical evidence required by VA rating specialists to make accurate decisions on veterans' disability benefits claims.
The prediction was that the domain-specific measure of violations provided by the DBQ would mediate the relationship between social deviance and accidents.