DBRCData Base Recovery Control
DBRCDevon Biodiversity Records Centre (UK)
DBRCDatabase Recovery Control
DBRCDiscovery Bay Residents Club (Hong Kong)
DBRCDerbyshire Biological Records Centre (UK)
DBRCDiversity Business Resource Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
DBRCDelaware and Bay River Cooperative (est. 1977)
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Each student had a DBRC as the intervention to increase appropriate classroom behavior.
Assessment of teacher behaviors related to implementation of DBRCs occurred via implementation checklist (see Figure 2 for the DBRC Implementation Checklist).
Teachers participated in an initial DBRC training including examples of DBRCs and modeling implementation behavior over the course of three days with each session lasting from one to two hours.
Student data collection occurred via DBRC daily across the instructional day.
Finally, Jacob was shown his DBRC with the three replacement behaviors listed, and he was informed that his teachers would be rating his performance daily.
Tyler would then review with Jacob the DBRC from the previous day to remind him of how many points he earned.
After the final day of the intervention phase, CICO was no longer in place, nor was the use of a DBRC.
Data were visually analyzed by level, trend, variability, and comparison of means across phases to determine the degree of treatment effect associated with a CICO intervention based on DBRC points and direct observations.
Powerhouse DBRC will host a free British National dragon boat league event on June 14, with funds going to towards the cost of the world championships trip.
DBRC came into being when few like-minded runners who used to run together at the Corniche joined hands to form the club that now boasts of over 500 members and 200 active runners.
We are excited about this partnership with DBRC and eagerly looking forward to further developing this relationship with further events," said Camille E Aoun from Al Jassim Group.
She has been a member of DBRC for the past two years.