DBSCDeaf-Blind Service Center (various locations)
DBSCDouble-Byte Character Set (linguistics)
DBSCDynamic Beam Spot Control
DBSCDiageo Business Services Centre (Budapest, Hungary)
DBSCDouble Sideband Compressed
DBSCDeterministic Binary Spreading Code
DBSCDa Beauvais Skateboard Crew (France)
DBSCDoullens Bouquemaison Sporting Club (France)
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Owing to the perfect symmetry property of disks, the curve constructed from the centers of disks is exactly the skeleton of the 2D region represented by DBSC.
The DBSCs, a strong revenue stream for the business, form part of the CLOV development, a project owned by Angolan state-owned oil company Sonangol around 140km off the coast of the nation's capital Luanda.
Our automatic DBSC takes this a step further by removing the need for ROVs, reducing costs and giving firms much greater flexibility during installation.
Thus, the company and its DBSC project are ideal for field study research on the balanced scorecard.
In particular, the following issues have been focused from the start of the project till now: (1) decision levers, that have been included in the DBSC control panel; (2) performance indicators (i.
DBSC has been constructing a "next generation" DBS satellite while awaiting the completion of the merger.
Pursuant to the merger, DBSC shareholders will be entitled to receive, at their option, $7.
This contract win is the latest in a string of automated DBSC orders for FES totalling PS9.
DBSC) and its creditor claims against DBSC, net of expenses.
The FES DBSC facilitates quick, efficient and cost effective installation of bend stiffeners used offshore to securely connect the umbilicals to the floating production storage and offloading vessel.
CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENTS (unaudited) THREE MONTHS ENDED October 1, September 25, 1994 1993 Revenue $ 8,291,763 $ 7,654,706 Cost of sales 5,451,066 4,773,281 Gross margin 2,840,697 2,881,425 Expenses: Research and development 680,854 545,967 Marketing, general, and administrative 1,307,783 1,242,379 Operating income 852,060 1,093,079 Amortization and reduction in the carrying value of an intangible asset 8,375 60,074 Gain on sale of investment in DBSC, net of transaction expenses -- -- Net interest expense and other expense 53,021 77,415 Income before income taxes 790,664 955,590 Provision for income taxes 285,000 346,000 Net income $ 505,664 $ 609,590 Primary earnings per share $ 0.
Enquest on the Kraken oil field, oil and gas development and production firm situated on UK Continental Shelf would be utilizing DBSC.