DBSEDistance Between Shaft Ends (couplings technology)
DBSEDr. Bowman's School of Euphonium (Texas)
DBSEDelta Bati Service Elec (French electrician service)
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Designed to provide an effective and reliable solution where coupled machinery has a short DBSE (distance between shaft ends) the new TSR units allow the replacement of membranes without the need to move either of the connected machines.
The latest short DBSE (distance between shaft ends) coupling design launched by John Crane is said to bring important benefits to applications where existing gear-type and grid couplings have traditionally been used.
In contrast to existing gear couplings--which frequently suffer from poor lubrication, seizures that cause broken shafts, and excessive tooth wear due to flexing--the Atex approved TSR is a dry membrane coupling specifically designed for applications where the DBSE is between 3mm and 50mm.