DBSJDatabase Society of Japan
DBSJDeutsche Behinderten-Sportjugend (German: German Disabled Youth Sports)
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DBSJ projects strong sales growth over the next four quarters a result of our direct marketing plan.
The insurance industry is moving to on-demand, and by relentlessly focusing on making each and every one of our customers successful, DBSJ may become a marketing and technology leader in on-demand CRM for the insurance industry.
We have other potential fund and investment banking interest pending and we will continue to pursue them as it is the opinion of management that the DBSJ business plan can support the efforts of multiple investment banking and fund relationships.
For the past two months DBSJ has been working on the customization of its Agent Intelligence product to meet the requirements of IDC Financial.
DBSJ intends to market both products together and expects a minor increase in its marketing budget for 2005.