DBSMDepressive Suicidal Black Metal
DBSMDeutsches Buch und Schriftmuseum (German: German Book and Writing Museum)
DBSMDeveloping Business Service Markets (Bangladesh, India)
DBSMDouble Breast Sandwich Meshplasty (hernia repair)
DBSMData Base Systems Manager
DBSMDecibel Per Square Meter
DBSMData Base Service Module
DBSMDerdiarian Behavioral System Model (cancer)
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Positioning itself as a new alternative for isothiazolone biocides and preservatives used in the paint and coatings industry, DBSM holds manufacturing facilities in China and production and storage facilities in the United States.
In this study the effect of vertical compressive prestress on a rammed earth wall made of natural mud mixed with cement is analyzed using a numerical analysis model called Deformable Body Spring Model (DBSM) (Zangmo and Tsubaki, 2007, 2008) and the results are compared with the relationship obtained with the beam theory.
We have been considering the other two values of [10.sup.3] and [10.sup.2] dBsm RCS values but we also have on the graph the result of making the RCS value 10dBsm.
For an isotropic antenna, the gain is unity (0 dB), so the effective area in dBsm is just 39-20 log (F).
In Figure 5, RCS decreases as much as 5 dBsm and 8 dBsm in each direction of the front and back of the aircraft, and the reduction of RCS is about 10 dBsm at the bottom of the aircraft.
The resulting radar cross section (RCS) is expressed in dBsm. Figures 9(c) and 9(d) show the range-Doppler plots generated from the thin-wire and surface-mesh models, respectively.
Singapore-based DBS Group (DBSM.SI) has acknowledged that it would consider Indonesian assets for acquisition, but said it would not consider Chinese assets.
The units of the charts are dBsm [i.e., dB relative to 1 square meter or 10log (RCS/l square meter)].
The maximum reduction in monostatic RCS for the offset fed antenna is about 17 dBsm compared to that of the edge center fed antenna.
The announcement has given new hopes to DBS Group's (DBSM.SI) USD7.2bn bid for PT Bank Danamon (BDMN.JK).
The targets geometry with same reflectivity 0 dBsm is shown in Figure 2(a).
Singapore-based DBS (DBSM.SI), considered to be Southeast Asia's biggest bank, has announced that it has named a consumer head.