DBSRDowney Brand Seymour & Rohwer (law firm; Sonora, CA)
DBSRDuke Bioinformatics Shared Resource (Duke University; North Carolina)
DBSRDialogue Between Science and Religion (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
DBSRDanube and Black Sea Railway (UK)
DBSRDon't Be Stupid Recordings (record label; UK)
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After that, we have used our two methods of filtering 'DP' and 'DBSR'.
For each part of course, we have defined some semantic rules 'SRs' to calculate 'DR' and 'DBSR' of each sub fragment 'SF' which can be found in one or multiple Web resource parts.
And then we have eliminated needless words (the, of, a, an, or, in, etc.....), So that these ones do not affect the result of two methods 'DR' and 'DBSR' that are determined below.
'DBSR' presents a projection of SRs on sub fragments of the Web resource found just to extract the most relevant appropriate sub fragments to one part of the course.
DBSR = [[summation].sup.n.sub.t=0] (if [E.sub.t] in SF then 1 else [E.sup.stn.sub.st] in SF) / N (2)
We calculate 'DBSR' (2) for all relevant fragments to extract the most relevant sub fragments of course parts.
The second one is the backup of 'SR', which allows the calculation of distances 'DBSR' (2) between terms in each part of the course.