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DBTDialectical Behavior Therapy
DBTDepartment of Biotechnology (India)
DBTDrive-By Truckers (band)
DBTDays Beyond Terms
DBTDeutscher Bundestag (German Parliament)
DBTDesign Basis Threat
DBTDouble-Blind Test (method)
DBTDry Bulb Temperature
DBTDialektisk Beteendeterapi (Sweden)
DBTDefect-Based Testing
DBTData Base Testuale (Italian: Textual Database)
DBTDesign Build Team
DBTDesign Build Test (engineering)
DBTDatabase Transaction
DBTDesign Basis Tornado
DBTDeath By Tweakage
DBTDays Before Transplanting
DBTdouble bottom tank (ships)
DBTDeutsche Bundespost Telekom (Germany)
DBTDown by Trade
DBTDelaware Business Trust
DBTDesign Build Turnkey (construction)
DBTDatabase Transfer
DBTDiaphragmatic Breathing Technique
DBTDirective Basse Tension (French: Low Voltage Directive)
DBTDuxbury Braille Translator (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
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Includes high-quality images from the various modalities in breast imaging: 2D mammography, DBT, and ultrasound, to enable comparison of their strengths and limitations
The DBT scheme could have been even more valuable had our tax system been a little bit more rational.
Living in a supportive environment with Mark and Debra, residents learn new skills for achieving and maintaining emotional regulation with access to the Meehl Foundation Intensively Trained DBT Team.
DBT has been shown to improve behavior in three strong areas that disordered adolescents typically need help in improving: (a) lack of the needed behavioral coping skills, (b) accepting reality as it is, and (c) maintaining strong commitment to change (Arch, Eifert, Davies, Vilardaga, Rose, & Craske, 2012).
In our approach, the individual session is guided by the DBT targets of treatment, and typically begins with a review of the diary card.
Given that DBT addresses both NSSI and suicidal behaviors, many of the studies on DBT have grouped the two behaviors together, referred to as "parasuicide.
Because of the AR plate requirements, we initially felt we would need an even larger press brake," notes Bill Herstine, DBT Production Operations manager.
31, 1999, DBT showed revenues of $79 million, a 30.
See Verhandlungen des Deutschen Bundestages, Stenographische Berichte (hereafter cited as: DBT, StBer), 12 July 1950, 2631.
LAS VEGAS -- Electric vehicle charging station leaders ChargePoint and DBT USA today announced plans to significantly expand the networked EV charging station landscape in North America.
Tenders are invited for Providing, Supplying and Installing of RT-PCR System scientific Equipment to DoS in Genetics & Genomicss, Univesity of Mysore, Mysore under DBT Project.
The Meehl Foundations' “Intensively trained DBT Team” will give special consideration to applicants with children who have sustained some trauma or have PTSD.