DBTDLDibutyltin Dilaurate
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A small amount of DBTDL was added in the mixture of NP-FPA and SPU with a certain ratio, and the target product was prepared after 30 min.
The polyurethane MCs and polycarbonate micropar-ticles filled with DBTDLcould release the DBTDL to control the crosslinking reaction (20), (21).
MDI-multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were dispersed in DMSO (20 ml) by ultrasonic agitation for 3 h (sonicator: KQ-500TBD, sonication frequency was 80 Hz, and energy was 500 W) forming a suspension, and then they were introduced dropwise into a solution of PVA (500 mg) and DBTDL (10 mg) in 30 ml DMSO at 90 [degrees] C under nitrogen atmosphere with vigorously stirring.
First, urethane monoacrylate (IPDI-HEA) was obtained from the reaction between the secondary cycloaliphatic NCO group of IPDI and the OH group of HEA using DBTDL as catalyst.
05 Sealant Hardness shore A 2201 49 3601 48 4201 49 2711 (a) 35 2712 (a) 40 (a) 2711 was catalyzed by TCC and 2712 was by DBTDL.
In a typical experimental setup, the 100 mL reactor vessel is manually charged with the polyol and DMPA, then, using the four-needle head, diisocyanate in NMP and DBTDL catalyst diluted with NMP are added, the reactor is sealed, and the mixture is heated slowly to the reaction temperature with continuous stirring.
In a dry 250-mL three-necked round-bottom flask equipped with a mechanical stirrer, a nitrogen inlet, and a condenser, MDI and diolPOSS were first dissolved into mixed solvents of toluene and n-hexane under ultrasonic dispersion and then allowed to react with each other for 30 min with the existence of DBTDL at room temperature.
SPUA with DGTH and their blends were cured with UV and moisture in the presence of 2 wt% Darocur 1173 and 2 wt% DBTDL [29].
3 Acetone 160 160 160 DBTDL 6 droplet 6 droplet 6 droplet Total 400 400 400 T:D:N:B 2:1:0:2 4:1:2:2 6:1:4:2 NV% Theory 60 60 60 Actual 66.
The hydraulic strength increases with increase in DBTDL concentration.