DBTLDown By the Laituri (Finnish music festival)
DBTLDibutyltin dilaurate
DBTLDanger Between the Lines (handwriting analysis publication)
DBTLDouble Balloon Triple Lumen
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Because of confusion and uncertainty caused, OMCs may have to continue with the old system of domestic LPG sales in the 97 Districts where DBTL has been implemented and the old system has been stopped.
Chairing a review meeting on DBTL scheme here today, Dr.
The DBTL scheme will ensure that the benefit reaches intended beneficiary thereby curbing wastage/ leakage in the subsidy delivery system.
Following the procedures used in similar work [12, 15, 16], TEOS, GOTMS, ethanol, water, and DBTL were mixed using the following molar ratios: water:TEOS = 3:1, water:ethanol = 1:1, TEOS:GOTMS = 1:0.
The calculated amount of diisocyanate was added dropwise with constant stirring followed by two to three drops of DBTL.
Under the influence of water molecules and DBTL acting as a catalyst, hydrolysis and condensation reactions downstream occur, leading to a formation of stable Si-O-Si-bridges and a polyfunctional network structure within the synthetic elastomer.
IOC has taken due note of the inconveniences that LPG distributors are facing after the introduction of Indsoft software along with implementation of DBTL program, and has announced that it will organise a 2-day training programme on Indsoft software.
in which is available in 13 languages, to facilitate consumers to carry out all their LPG related activities like booking, tracking, DBTL status, Distributors performance, porting the gas connection, receipt of subsidy details and much more.
In context of rationalization and targeting of LPG subsidy, it was highlighted that under DBTL Rs.