DBTODibutyltin Oxide
DBTODutch Bass Trombone Open (Netherlands)
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The concentration of TPOS was given by the AV/OR ratio that was equal to 10 (AV/OR is the ratio between the mole number of ester groups of EVA and the mole number of alcoxy groups of TPOS) and the concentration of DBTO was 0.
Figure 4 presents the torque-time curve for the batch mixing of two blends containing EMA, DBTO.
The EMA and DBTO are introduced first in the mixer to melt EMA phase and distribute the DBTO.
The Effect of MBTO and DBTO Condensation as a Catalyst.
In the effect of the concentration of MBTO and DBTO catalyst, the reactivity of the MBTO catalyst is higher than that of the DBTO.