DBTTDon't Believe The Truth (Oasis album)
DBTTDuctile to Brittle Transition Temperature
DBTTDoullennais Bernavillois Tennis de Table (French table tennis club)
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Thus, the DBTT of the thinner samples is higher than that of the thicker samples.
In addition to the measurement of the DBTT, the understanding of the fracture mechanisms is very important in the design process of products to avoid any unexpected failures.
Moreover, FMM is a tool based on the variation of failure mechanisms, so the key fracture characteristic like DBTT can be easily related with FMM.
The experimental results of these works suggest that the toughness is correlated to the global average value of ligament thickness, [bar.d.sub.m], and that the DBTT increases with [[bar.d].sub.m].
It is also investigated how the DBTT is correlated with the morphological parameters.
Notched Izod impact testing was performed in the extruded ribbons according to ASTM D 256-2002 at different temperatures to determine the DBTT of the samples.
The ductile-brittle transition temperature (DBTT) of nylon 11 blends with an MAN graft ratio over 0.56% also showed no further lowering.
The DBTTs of nylon 11 blends also varied with POE-g-MAH content when the maleic anhydride graft ratio was held constant.
As the temperature is increased, the yield strength decreases faster than the brittle strength, and at some point (the DBTT) falls below the brittle strength, and failure then becomes ductile.
For PP, results were masked by the existence of an impact transition in the region of the selected test temperature (23[degrees]C), but this DBTT was seen to decrease with decreasing spherulite size