DBTTDon't Believe The Truth (Oasis album)
DBTTDuctile to Brittle Transition Temperature
DBTTDoullennais Bernavillois Tennis de Table (French table tennis club)
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In addition to the measurement of the DBTT, the understanding of the fracture mechanisms is very important in the design process of products to avoid any unexpected failures.
Moreover, FMM is a tool based on the variation of failure mechanisms, so the key fracture characteristic like DBTT can be easily related with FMM.
In addition, as a quantitative tool, the importance of the DBTT is discussed with conventional characterization analyses.
The measurement of the DBTT is very effective to quantify the variation in the fracture toughness of the blends in comparison to conventional characterization techniques, regardless of the chemical structure of the blend components.
As can be seen, the compatibilizer reduced the DBTT by about 40[degrees]C, irrespectively of the width of kneading disc utilized.
It should be also observed that Izod impact strength values in temperatures above and below the DBTT have low standard deviations, what indicates homogeneity of the internal morphology of the blends.
5 kg/h drastically raises DBTT to values close to those of a noncompatibilized blend.
As discussed previously, it has been shown evidences that the spatial distribution of particles have an important effect on DBTT of blends [28-31].
It can be seen that for the screw rotation speed of 120 rpm, as the MGE feed position is changed from the 5th barrel to 1st barrel the DBTT decrease by about 15[degrees]C and the notched Izod impact strength values at room temperature have a small increment.
89% respectively), the particle size and dispersion of POE look very similar, Which could explain why the DBTTs of nylon 11 blends were not reduced with a further increase of MAN graft ratio once it exceeded 0.
By changing the test temperature, in combination with fracture surface examination, the impact strength evaluation can be extended for determination of the DBTT.
The notch tends to promote brittle failure because it increases the DBTT [105].