DBUNDeep Branch of the Ulnar Nerve
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The anomalous branch, known as Kaplan anastomosis, was originally described by Kaplan in 1963, as a communication which was originated from the DBUN, crossing from the posterior to the anterior side, close to the pisiform bone, anastomosing with the superficial branch of the ulnar nerve (SBUN), close to the ulnar canal (Kaplan, 1963).
During a workaday dissection at the Morphology Department of Federal Fluminense University, it was observed, in a male adult cadaver fixed in 10% formaldehyde, a tenuous communication between DBUN and SBUN at forearm distal extremity (Fig.
DBUN dorsal branch of ulnar nerve; SBUN superficial branch of ulnar nerve; KA Kaplan's anastomosis.